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About Buy Design SRQ

Buy Design was created by Jeff Wiegand after repeatedly seeing the need for an experienced contractor when helping their clients buy and sell homes. Through many years of experience in real estate as well as home building and remodeling, they visualized how Buy Design would change the way people shop and sell homes. Buy Design not only gives clients the ability to see the amazing potential of a home they are considering buying or selling but also help clients recreate their current home into the home of their dreams.

What Our Clients Think



See the amazing potential of a new home by recreating the home of your dreams.


Working hard for YOU, to secure the very best price and terms possible!


We begin by designing your dream home from the ground up and complete it with elegant interior solutions.


Are you in need of extra space? Let’s work together to transform your existing home.


See the finished product through a 3-D virtual tour, before committing to the renovation.


Keeping up with the worlds green trends is what it takes to be a leader.

Buy Design SRQ is proud to be a Sarasota County Certified Green Business Partner. We continually strive to operate in an environmentally responsible manner.